IAEA Careers - Outreach and Recruitment

The United States encourages well-qualified Americans to join the IAEA's professional staff. As part of this effort, the International Programs advertises current vacancies in the IAEA's non-Safeguards departments and provides assistance to U.S. candidates interested in applying.

    Argonne supports U.S. citizens interested in employment at the IAEA by:
  • Providing personalized, field-specific job alerts
  • Sharing tips for applying and interviewing
  • Tracking applications through the selection process
  • Facilitating networking opportunities through our LinkedIn group (Americans @ IAEA)
  • Providing information for Americans transitioning to Vienna

For assistance, candidates can contact us at IAEAStaffing@anl.gov. The United States government also sponsors U.S. citizens to work for the IAEA for a limited time as Cost-Free Experts and Junior Professional Officers. The International Programs coordinates these for the IAEA's non-Safeguards departments. Similar programs for the IAEA's Department of Safeguards are administered through the International Safeguards Project Office (ISPO) at Brookhaven National Laboratory.