Evaluation of Course Administration, Logistics and Arrangements

Completion of this evaluation is a course requirement. A course certificate will not be presented without completion of this evaluation.

* Required
1. If you contacted the Argonne office for assistance prior to the course, did you receive timely and thorough responses? *
2. If course materials were made available to you prior to the training course, were you able to review them so that you could prepare yourself properly for this training? *
3. Was the virtual format of the course conducive to networking? *
4. Overall, how would you rate the administration of this course? *
( Poor: ★   Average: ★★   Good: ★★★   Excellent: ★★★★ )
5. What did you like most about the course?
6. What could be done better?
7. Please list any benefits/advantages of your participation in the virtual course. *
8. Please list in order of importance (starting from what impacted you the most to what impacted you the least) at least three factors that negatively impacted your participation and engagement in the virtual course. *
9. How are you planning to use the information you learned during the course in your home country? * Please be specific (e.g. train others, report to higher management, implement a nuclear power programme, etc.).
10. Would you recommend this training course to others? *
11. Please enter your name and country. *