Nuclear Facility Decommissioning & Environmental Remediation Skills

Argonne, Illinois, USA
4 - 15 April 2011

1. Introduction

Over the past few years, in response to requests for assistance from Member States, the IAEA has established a number of networks to facilitate efficient sharing of international knowledge and expertise in the areas of radioactive waste management, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and remediation of radiologically contaminated sites. One of the IAEA networks, the International Decommissioning Network (IDN), focuses on the exchange of information and experience related to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, including the promotion of "best practices" in decommissioning technology, planning, project management, and the management of nuclear wastes. Another one of these networks, the Network of Environmental Management and Remediation (ENVIRONET), focuses on the relevant skills, knowledge, managerial approaches, and expertise related to environmental management and remediation. The IDN and ENVIRONET are jointly sponsoring the "Regional Training Course in Nuclear Facility Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Skills" to support their objectives.

2. Working Language

The working language of the workshop will be English. No translation will be provided.

3. Purpose of the Workshop

The purpose of the training course is to provide implementing and regulator organizations with appropriate analytical and project management tools for the implementation and oversight of safe, appropriate, and cost-effective strategies in the fields of decommissioning and environmental remediation.

4. Workshop Participants

The workshop is intended for management level and senior staff at organizations working on (or eventually to be designated as being responsible for) D&D and ER projects. This would include state or national resource management and regulatory agencies, operators of facilities or sites needing or undergoing large scale cleanup actions, and national research organizations.

5. Content of the Workshop

Lectures will be presented on the following topics and interactive exercises will be conducted to help convey key concepts:
  • Project planning and decision-making;
  • Stakeholder involvement;
  • Regulation and policy;
  • Safety assessments;
  • Characterization, sampling, and analysis;
  • Risk assessment and communication;
  • Waste management and material clearance;
  • Remediation technology selection;
  • Decontamination and dismantling; and
  • Site closure.