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Regional Workshop on Element 3:
Project Planning and Management for Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

3 - 7 June 2013



To provide implementing and regulatory organizations with a comprehensive overview of project planning and management topics related to environmental remediation and decommissioning projects, including project planning and management tools, with an emphasis on the development and implementation of a technically sound and cost-effective remediation plan.


The workshop will enable the participants to understand the elements of project planning and management activities relevant to environmental remediation and decommissioning projects. This understanding will enable them to be informed of the main needs when planning and/or implementing such projects.


The workshop extends over 5 days and focuses on the planning and management of the environmental remediation (ER) projects as well as decommissioning of facilities and sites with radiological contamination. The workshop is oriented more towards managers and decision makers rather than technical specialists; however, there is an emphasis on key technical matters that can affect project costs and schedules, such as the acquisition and interpretation of data for critical decisions, regulations, and determination of risk and remediation guidelines. The format is lectures, followed by questions and answers and topical discussions. The participants are expected to present their national situations in the workshop subject area so that the discussion of the concepts delivered during the workshop could benefit from country-specific inputs. Hands-on exercises will be conducted toward the end of the workshop.


A large number of radiologically contaminated sites exist in Europe, which could impact the health of the people and environment. As noted at the IAEA conference on remediation (Astana, 2009), many Member States have an urgent need to receive adequate support (e.g., workshop/training) in various remediation aspects.

IAEA technical cooperation project RER/9/121 �Supporting Remediation in European Member States� consists of a series of interconnected workshop/training events, which will progressively lead the Member States� participants to develop/increase their knowledge of remediation elements. Each workshop/training event will build on the previous one, leading to a holistic view of remediation. With the present workshop the participants are expected to design the basic infrastructural needs that would be applicable to their own situation, i.e. in their national situation either, during the meeting or upon return to their country.

A remediation project can be a major undertaking requiring careful planning, preparation and investment in time and human resources. While a remediation project is not alone in this respect, it is considered to be conducted within the framework of a national remediation policy and strategy with project specific situation.

This workshop is designed as a follow up of the Element 1 workshop on General Contents of a Remediation Policy and Strategy held from 2 to 6 July 2012 in Vienna, Austria and the Element 2 training course on Remediation Infrastructure Development at a Test Site held from 3 to 7 December 2012 in Chemnitz, Germany.

There are several components of the remediation process that should be deemed essential for any area being considered for remediation. A successful remediation project management is achieved through effective implementation of a welldeveloped remediation plan. This can be affected by various factors and can be very site specific, such as qualification of human resources, organization and administrative control, safety, waste and financial factor.

This workshop will address factors affecting a remediation planning and project implementation by providing relevant international and national safety standards and practical samples.

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Karen Smith
Larry Boing
Charlie Yu
L. Martino
Joe Carignan
P. Sanford
Bob Johnson
Lisa Durham

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