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International Seminar on Essential Elements of Nuclear Security

9 - 20 June 2014



The seminar provides participants with an intense contemporary survey of issues and activities regarding multiple aspects of nuclear security. Topics will include the international legal framework supporting nuclear security, identification of and remedies to threats against nuclear security, radiological dispersal devices, responses to incidents involving nuclear and other radioactive material, illicit trafficking in nuclear and radioactive sources, detection and identification instruments and practical exercises designed to incorporate this knowledge into Member State planning and procedures to protect against threats to nuclear security.

Nature of the seminar

This seminar will feature lectures, presentations and exercises given or led by recognized experts in the various disciplines comprising nuclear security. The schedule is designed to allow adequate time for expert presentations while ensuring sufficient time for participant interaction and discussion. Participants will be expected to provide an overview of current nuclear security efforts within their respective countries and to make recommendations for ways of improving the content of the International Seminar.

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