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Interregional Training Course on Legal and Financial Issues for a Decision in Countries Introducing or Expanding Nuclear Power

6 -10 October 2014



The main objective of this training course is to support decision makers and those responsible for developing and implementing a nuclear programme in Member States considering the introduction of nuclear power (including States in Phases 1, 2 and 3) to improve the knowledge and develop the skills and abilities needed for success in the introduction of nuclear power, with emphasis on issues relating to the national position, legal aspects and financing of nuclear power plants.

Course activities would revolve around three major inter-related objectives:
(i) providing knowledge of key threshold issues a State has to consider when establishing a nuclear power programme such as legal and financial issues, and the actions necessary to ensure a knowledgeable decision;
(ii) presentation of case studies of countries that have recently completed or are now in the process of making legal and financial arrangements; and
(iii) further strengthening the networking among emerging nuclear power countries and sharing international and field experiences.

The course will thus have three main components. The first part is intended to provide guidance and tools for the development of the necessary elements related to the establishment of a national position. The course will also provide tools to help Member States identify and assess the key threshold issues that affect decisions on the introduction of nuclear power.

The second part is intended to provide training on the elements for a legislative framework for nuclear power. The training will also contribute to improve knowledge on the major issues that Member States need to consider in relation to the international legal framework for nuclear safety, nuclear security, safeguards and nuclear liability, as well as the domestic legal framework to be put in place.

The third and major part of the course is intended to cover financial issues, with emphasis on alternative contracting and ownership approaches for nuclear power programmes. This will include all financial risk, contracting and ownership, economics of nuclear power, market regulations and the financing of nuclear power programmes.

Expected Outputs

The expected outputs of the training courses are:
  • Improved ability to address the challenges and issues relating to building a national position, establishing a legal framework and financing nuclear power plants.
  • Increased understanding of the elements and key issues to be considered in connection with the national and international legal framework for nuclear power.
  • Better knowledge of NPP financing and funding options as well as procurement structures and netter understand of contracting mechanisms including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracting.
  • Improved knowledge of financial rusk, econimics of nuclear power, and market regulations and better understanding of alternative financing mechanisms.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities among participants.

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