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Workshop on Fire Safety for Research Reactors

8 -12 December 2014


Fire safety and fire protection are important considerations in every industrial, commercial or residential structure, as well as in every industrial and commercial enterprise. Research reactors and the associated laboratories and activities are no exception. An additional consideration in fire protection and fire safety in a reactor or a facility handling radioactive material is the possibility of release of radiation or release of radioactive material.

Many International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safety standards for design and operation of nuclear power plants and research reactors include provisions for fire protection and fire safety. National standards for fire protection also provide guidance for the development of fire protection systems and for fire safety in operations. Specifically for research reactors, the Safety Requirements publication Safety of Research Reactors (IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-R-4, Vienna, 2005) sets out design requirements to ensure protection against fires and explosions (paras 6.22-6.25) and for periodic fire safety analyses (para. 7.71). In a draft revision of NS-R-4 (DS476) that is currently under preparation, the requirements for fire protection systems and fire safety in the operating organization are being updated and strengthened.

The results of Integrated Safety Assessment of Research Reactors (INSARR) missions indicate that many research reactors have no systematic fire hazard analysis (FHA) programme, and that internal events, especially fire, are not adequately addressed in the safety analysis reports. To assist member countries of the Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN) in improving their fire protection programmes, this workshop has been organized to address FHA, fire protection measures in design and operation and analysis of internal fire events.


The objective of the workshop is to provide the participating Member States with practical knowledge and information on the IAEA safety standards and guidance on fire safety for research reactors, development of an FHA and fire protection programme, and analysis of internal fire events, as well as with an opportunity for exchange of related information and experience.

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for personnel involved in research reactor design, operation and regulation in the member countries of the ANSN. The prospective participants should be involved in developing, reviewing and implementing the fire safety programme and emergency response programme from the perspective of the operating organization or the regulatory body.

Prospective participants should be familiar with the fire hazards that pertain to research reactors under their cognizance, as well as with the fire safety programme and implementation measures that are in place to address these hazards. Participants may be reactor managers, safety analysts, operating and maintenance personnel, individuals responsible for emergency planning or regulators responsible for reviewing and approving fire safety programmes. In any case, a prospective participant should be involved in developing, reviewing and implementing the fire protection programme or the emergency response programme from the perspective of the operating organization or the regulatory body. As the workshop will be conducted in English, participants must have sufficient proficiency to follow lectures and express themselves in this language without difficulty.