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Regional Training Course on 3D Techniques in Simulation-Treatment in Radiotherapy

Houston, Texas

3 - 8 August 2015

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this course is to provide an update to radiation therapy technologists from countries whose experience in 3D conformal radiotherapy is limited presenting an overview of the most relevant aspects for safe and effective practice. This course aims at theoretical and practical knowledge to improve the quality of rasiotherapy in the region, so that they may be able to implement this technique in their clinical practice iin an effective and safe way. This regional course seeks to strengthen the theoretical and practical concepts to improve quality of radiotherapy.


The care of the oncology patient-Ovalle.pdf
Biological aspects of cancer-Ovalle.pdf
Therapist talk-Hanson.pdf
Clinical Dosimetry-Prado.pdf
CNS Pedi 3DCRT-McAleer.pdf
External Beam Delivery Systems-Prado.pdf
Intro to Rad. Biology-Followill.pdf
Radiation Therapy for Gynecological Cancers-Flores.pdf
Sim and treatment of GI tumors-Koay.pdf (Updated)
Techniques Using Hard Wedges-Kanke.pdf
The MDACC and the Texas Medical Center.pdf
Radiation Dosimeters Lecture for Dosimetrists-Aguirre.pdf
Radiation Detectors Lecture for Dosimetrists-Aguirre.pdf
Welcome and introduction RTT Course 2015.pdf
Immobilization devices-Caldwell.pdf
Conformal Therapy-Roe.pdf
Radiation Protection n Safety-Kudchadker.pdf
Invivo Dosimetry-Kudchadker.pdf
Radiation Oncology Treatment-Hayden.pdf
Head n Neck-Garden.pdf
Image Guidance-Vedam.pdf
Formal Education and Trainning of US Radiation Therapists-Caldwell.pdf
Gynecologic Cancers-Klopp.pdf
FROM 2D TO 3DCRT-Aguirre.pdf
The Sources of Errors and Uncertainties in RT-Aguirre.pdf
Quality Assurance_Quality Control in RT-Aguirre.pdf
Applying Radiation Safety Standards in Radiotherapy.pdf
IAEA te_1151_prn-Protocolos de QC-Physics - spanish.pdf
Physics staffing in RT Britain.pdf
Radiation Therapy Handbook.pdf
radiotherapy_risk_profile in RT-WHO technical manual.pdf
Standards for Radiation Oncology.doc
TECDOC_1588_Transition From 2D to 3D.pdf
UNC Radiation Therapy Program Student Handbook -2015-2016.pdf
Name lists
Lecturer-Staff List.pdf