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Train-the-Trainer Workshop on Quality Management Audits in Nuclear Medicine Practices (QUANUM)

24- 28 August 2015


This workshop is aiming to prepare national trainers on how to design and implement a Quality Management System in Nuclear Medicine and conduct audits in accordance with the guidelines of the quality management (QUANUM) document, published by the IAEA.

The workshop will provide participants with knowledge on how to conduct and what to look for during a Quality Management Audit of a Nuclear Medicine practice. From the knowledge gained, they are expected to develop a schedule of activities to work nationwide. They are also expected to serve as the future QUANUM team of Auditors in the region and conduct comprehensive audits in nuclear medicine.

Expected Output(s)

The expected output is that all participants will gain knowledge on the importance of quality management audits as a way to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency in a Nuclear medicine department, understanding the different aspects involved in carrying out this audit, and how to conduct it in a highly professional manner.

Scope and Nature

The workshop consists of lectures and practical exercises on the different aspects involved in quality management in clinical nuclear medicine; including risk management, radiation protection and radiopharmacy.

Background Information

Quality management systems are essential and should be maintained with the intent to continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency, enabling nuclear medicine to achieve the expectations of its quality policy, satisfy its customers and improve professionalism in this speciality.

Regular quality audits and assessments are vital for modern nuclear medicine services. More importantly, the entire QM and audit process has to be systematic, patient-oriented and outcome-based. The management of services should also take into account the diversity of nuclear medicine services around the world and multidisciplinary contributions. The latter include clinical, technical, radiopharmaceutical, medical physics and radiation safety procedures. This workshop addresses the application of an integrated management system approach that is applicable to nuclear medicine organizations. Aspects of radiation safety and patient protection should also be integral to the process. Such an approach ensures consistency in providing safe, quality and high level services to patients and staff.

Through this workshop, skills and knowledge of nuclear medicine practitioners for quality management system will be upgraded, leading to improved health services for patients undergoing nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment.