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Training on Marine Ecosystems and Industries at Risk: Impact of Multiple Stressors

9 - 27 November 2015

Venue: IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco

Deadline for Nominations: 20 September 2015

Background Information

The current fragmented approach - relying on the knowledge and tools from different disciplines - towards understanding the effects of different stressors on marine ecosystems and their services limits the possibilities of finding effective mitigation strategies. The analysis of possible synergistic effects of a combination of stressors acting on a marine ecosystem requires a comprehensive, integrated approach. Therefore, this course has an interdisciplinary profile in reviewing the effects of global and local stressors on marine ecosystems from a physico-chemical, biological and economic point of view. Such an approach is necessary for understanding ultimately how the combined effect of multiple stressors can affect the functioning and the resilience of marine ecosystems, and what the implications are for marine policy and governance.


The course aims to provide trainees with hands-on laboratory training, practical training and lectures supporting an integrated approach to understanding, analysing and assessing the synergistic impact of stressors affecting marine ecosystems including, inter alia, ocean acidification.

Expected Outputs

The course is expected to result in an enhanced understanding of multiple stressors acting on marine ecosystems and an increased capacity to assess their environmental and economic impact.

Scope and Nature

The training will include lectures and presentations in plenary sessions, as well as hands-on laboratory experiments and practical work in smaller groups. The experimental core of the course will provide training in the use of radiotracers to measure the response of a representative marine bioindicator species to various stressors and in selected radioanalytical techniques for alpha, beta gamma emitting radionuclides. The emphasis during practical sessions will be on synergistic effects of ocean acidification and trace metal pollutants, whereas other stressors will be discussed during lectures.

Experimental data will be processed, interpreted and explained in the context of multiple stressors. Lectures will provide participants with an introduction to the subject of multiple stressors in marine ecosystems, an overview of the tools available to study this subject, and presentations on environmental and economic risk assessment.