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Training Course on the Theory and Practical Application of RESRAD BIOTA and Other Codes in the RESRAD Family for the Determination of Dose, Risk and Authorized Limits at Radioactively Contaminated Sites

22 June - 02 July 2015

Purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to provide practical training in the applicability and use of dose and risk models in the RESRAD Family of Codes for the assessment of contaminated sites.

Scope and Nature

The course will consist of lectures on the principles of radioecology and risk assessment and on the RESRAD codes, as well as hands-on exercises for these codes.

Background Information

Human activities involving the use of radiation and radioactive substances can cause radiation exposure to the public and the environment. Some of those activities can elevate radiation levels beyond those that naturally occur in the environment from various sources. The radiological impact assessment of radioactive discharges to the environment and the public should be performed regularly and supported by computer models including, for example, the RESRAD family of codes.