Daily Course Evaluation
Overall and Administration Evaluation

Regional Training Course for Teachers and Educators to Introduce Nuclear Sciences in Secondary Schools through Innovative Approaches

Date: May 16, 2022 – June 8, 2022
Location: Virtual Event

Application Deadline for Nominee(s) of Invited IAEA Member States: March 4, 2022


The purpose of the event is to train secondary school science teachers and educators in strengthening their understanding of nuclear science and technology topics and to enable them convey such knowledge to students through effective and engaging teaching or learning processes.

Scope and Nature

The training course will feature a series of presentations, practical exercises and on-site visits to facilitate sharing experiences by: Introducing the participants to various learning modules and strategies for the implementation of selected activities, experimental procedures and other resources that are compatible with secondary level curriculum for nuclear sciences. Conducting Training activities for teachers to give them necessary insights to the learning experience and their individual plan to integrate such activities into their curriculum. Enhancing the understanding of participants about applications of nuclear sciences through visits to nuclear facilities.

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