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Training course on Strategic Planning/Management for young leaders

Date: 24 November 2020 – 23 February 2021
Location: Virtual Event

Application Deadline for Nominee(s) of Invited IAEA Member States: 6 November 2020


The purpose of the event is to form young potential leaders/managers of NNIs of Latin America and the Caribbean on Strategic Planning and Management.

Project Background

Project RLA0069 "Promoting Strategic Management and Innovation at National Nuclear Institutions through Cooperation and Partnership Building -Phase II (ARCAL CLXXII)" aims at strengthening the sustainability of national nuclear institutions in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. Progress has been made in terms of broadening the awareness amongst decision-makers and managers of the NNIs about the need to align their research and development programmes with national development objectives, as well as to perform self-assessment to identify and address persisting weaknesses and grasp new opportunities for growth and development. The IAEA is supporting NNIs to further develop and implement strategies to fully achieve sustainable services which can position them as true partners in the development of their countries by using potential nuclear science and technology to achieve socioeconomic development objectives. This project is facilitating the cooperation among institutions for socioeconomic development and increase the visibility of services enhancing the contribution generated by these services. Strengthening the capacity of the future generation of leaders of NNIs on strategic planning and management is essential in order to achieve business continuity and sustainability.

Scope and Nature

The course will cover topics such as: Stakeholders; Threat Analysis & Strategic Considerations; Action Planning & Reviewing; Facility Operations and Management; Organizational Structure & Personnel development; Finance; Outreach and Marketing; Change Management. The series will be interactive and require the development of case studies from participants, who should choose an area of work on the first day of the webinar, such as: 1) Research Reactors; 2) Gamma Irradiation; 3) Production of Radiopharmaceuticals or radioisotopes; 4) E-beam accelerators; 5) Calibration services; 6) Analysis services (isotope hydrology, NDTs, etc). The training course will be developed over 13 sessions. Reserved dates: every Tuesday starting November 24 until February 23 (except Dec 29).