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Interregional Training Course on Integrated Management System, Leadership and Safety Culture

Date: October 24, 2022 – November 4, 2022
Location: Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL, USA


The purpose of the event is to train participants from Member States embarking on or expanding their nuclear power programmes to establish management systems, to develop their nuclear leaders and to enhance a healthy safety culture, in accordance with the IAEA Safety Standards and other relevant IAEA works.

Project Background

Management and leadership are two distinctively different areas that both interface with the culture of a nuclear organization. Leadership skills in a nuclear power programme and project are crucial, and highly competent managers focused on leading their personnel are vital to success at all life cycle phases of a nuclear facility. Management system is a vital element for a safe sustainable nuclear project. Finally, a healthy organizational culture is necessary for safety and economic success. Attendees will be receive lectures all these areas, and they participate in exercises that help them to apply the teachings in practice.

Scope and Nature

The event is planned to last for two weeks. The following themes, among other will belong to the scope.

  • Understanding and implementing GSR Part 2 requirements and other IAEA guidance for safe, efficient and effective nuclear programmes and projects
  • Establishing an integrated and process-based management system with its different levels and parts
  • Developing management system processes
  • Implementing quality assurance and supply chain management processes
  • Conducting various assessment activities, such asself-assessments, independent assessments, and management system reviews
  • Understanding the relationship between management system and project management
  • Managing project interfaces and effective communication between interested parties
  • Understanding the special challenges of a nuclear power plant engineering and construction project when compared to other projects
  • Developing effective non-conformance management including corrective action processes
  • Developing nuclear leadership to motivate the personnel in a suitable manner in different situations
  • Understanding differences between nuclear leadership in normal and in emergency situations
  • Developing and evaluating a healthy organisational culture for safety, quality and sustainability
  • Understanding the necessary activities for the owner/operator organizations and regulatory bodies in Phases 2 and 3
  • Understanding the processes to support the implementation of the activities in Phase 2 and 3 for owner/operator organisation
  • Understanding the processes to support the implementation of the activities in Phase 2 and 3 for regulatory body
  • Exercises dealing with the areas mentioned above
The training course will also give opportunities for participants to network and continue sharing information and good practices beyond the training event, as well as other potential future follow-up tasks and coordinated activities related to the topics of the course. A visit to one NPP or to its training centre is tentatively planned (subject to confirmation).