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International Training Course: Essential Elements for Nuclear Security of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials out of Regulatory Control

Date: 14 – 25 May 2018
Location: Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL Argonne National Lab, USA
Language: English

Application Deadline for Nominee(s) of Invited IAEA Member States: 28 February 2018


The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of the essential elements of nuclear security as described in the IAEA Nuclear Security Fundamentals publication Objective and Essential Elements of a State's Nuclear Security Regime (IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 20) and nuclear security recommendations set out in Nuclear Security Recommendations on Nuclear and other Radioactive Material out of Regulatory Control (Nuclear Security Series No. 15).

Course Summary

The course will include presentations and exercises focused on:

  • strengthening a State's nuclear security regime,
  • preventive measures for a nuclear security regime,
  • detection systems and measures for a nuclear security regime,
  • responding to nuclear security events involving nuclear and radioactive material out of regulatory control, and
  • nuclear security for major public events.