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Interregional Training Course on The Treatment of Cervical Cancer: Clinical, Quality and Safety Aspects

Date: 18 – 23 November 2019
Location: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
Language: English

Application Deadline for Nominee(s) of Invited IAEA Member States: 31 August 2019

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The purpose of the event is to train the participants on quality, safety and management related to the treatment of the cervical cancer; summarize the critical and high-risk elements of the treatment workflow; and provide guidance on how to establish a quality management system in radiotherapy, with emphasis on cervical cancer.

Scope and Nature

A comprehensive approach to quality management for the treatment of cervical cancer will be given during the course. Clinical (patient indication, contouring, dose prescription, plan evaluation, brachytherapy insertion, postoperative care) as well as technical (commissioning of equipment, imaging and applicator reconstruction, creating of a treatment plan, plan QA, common incidents, etc) aspects of the patient workflow will be discussed. Process mapping, FMEA and QM tools will also be discussed. Hands-on exercises will complement the theoretical lectures. Interactive sessions and active participant engagement are key elements of learner centred activity.