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Interregional Group Scientific Visit on Enforcement and Corrective Actions on Nuclear Power Plant Safety

Date: Postponed
Location: Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL, USA



This Group Scientific Visit will provide Member States embarking on new nuclear power programmes with practical guidance and good practices related to the use of regulatory enforcement instruments as well as the regulatory oversight of corrective actions to be taken by licensees for addressing non-compliances.

Expected Output(s)

The participants will strengthen their knowledge and capability to develop and implement an enforcement policy and programme in accordance with a graded approach, and to require and control corrective actions taken by licensees for remedying or resolving non-compliances.

Scope and Nature

Throughout the Group Scientific Visit, there will be presentations delivered by international experts related to the establishment and implementation of an enforcement policy and associated regulatory enforcement programme, and oversight corrective actions. Discussions and activities will be organized in order to develop a common understanding on the topic as well as identify and formulate good practices, conclusions and recommendations.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Responsibilities and functions of the regulatory body to verify safety and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Inspection process of the regulatory body;
  • Establishment, implementation and sustainability of an enforcement policy and associated programme;
  • Corrective actions taken by a licensee to address a safety issue and a non-compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Regulatory oversight of corrective actions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.